Sunday, December 21, 2008

More paintings to click on.

More paintings to enter this year. I have not been updating much. The first painting is of Lakewood Park in the winter. The second painting is of a surf spot on Lake Erie. Their was a day a few years ago when a hurricane from the Atlantic blew into the lake, and kicked up some of the glassiest waves. The wind was out of the west 40 knots, and wrapped around the point. This is more from my memory then reality. The Last painting is of the willows at Edgewater Park in the spring. I enjoy the surfing in the cove here on a North East.

Subs and Suds

I painted two more paintings for Subs and Suds in South Carolina.
Carolina Forest Plaza II 4006 Postal Way 100 ft. North of Carolina Forest Post Offices.
The sister of the owner has been giving the paintings as gifts to her brother. The Dragon was his hometowns football teams mascot. The shop is close to the beach, and Jenn wanted to depict some of the activities done in the area in the paintings using the mascot. The Happy Dragon.

Jenn's husband Scott is working on film about Lake Erie surfers called Out Of Place. Check out his blog.